Long sentence? Deal with it

Couldn’t help but laugh after reading this extremely long and awkward sentence:

But because the Lakers are strangely scared of the luxury tax, the team dealt him for absolutely nothing last December, throwing both Odom and GM Mitch Kupchak (who you know did not want to make a deal that would cripple his team’s already-nonexistent depth) to the wolves in an attempt to explain away Odom’s fragile emotions in the wake of an agreed-upon but eventually squashed deal that would deal Lamar to New Orleans in a deal that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers.


7 Responses to Long sentence? Deal with it

  1. thecarloshz says:

    Eh, that’s kind of the way he writes. I tend to do that, and I feel like my sentences are still pretty cohesive.

  2. Smeg says:

    It was more the way he used ‘deal’ 3 times at the end.

  3. S says:

    Fcking dwyer!

  4. rct11 says:


    Kelly’s sort-of been plagiarizing Deadspin lately. I, as well as several others, called him out on it in this article:


    And he responded to me! Not well, mind you, but he responded. My username is S S. Check out all my other comments on his articles for grammatical/syntactical nit-picks of his articles.

    • Do you understand blogging? Do you understand how internet writing works? Do you know anything about content creation, anything about the nature of a sports blog? Do you understand online media? Have you ever blogged about a sport or team every day? Have you ever been hired by an online media company? My guess is no, given the fact that you couldn’t come up with something better than what you just gave.

      Open up a WordPress and find something to blog about, and then criticize KD for what he does. Thanks.

      • rct11 says:

        You do realize that people can criticize things that they don’t do themselves, right? Film critics, music critics, sports critics, etc. Criticism is not predicated on doing the thing itself.

        And do you understand plagiarism? Do *you* know anything about blogging, content creation, online media? The dude wholesale took another web site’s idea for a post and didn’t link back to it or even mention it in his article.

        Why are you on a web site that is criticizing a very specific person in a very specific way if you aren’t enjoying what is on said site?

  5. Kevin says:

    I found this post after I googled Kelly Dwyer mistakes. Fealt the need to see if commonly made mistakes after an article in which he claims he was a fan of LaPhonso Ellis and his time as a Chicago high school star. In the same article he says he told Alonzo Mourning that maybe Ellis should have beaten him for Gatorade Player of the Year and that the first player of the year was LaBradford Smith. However, LaPhonso Ellis is from East St. Louis, a good 300 miles from Chicago. And JR Reid won the first Gatorade Player of the Year.

    Maybe I’m being too picky. But it seems to me if someone is going to be smug enough to actually say these things to someone of Mourning’s caliber, they should know what they’re talking about.

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